Trail Network

The Trail Network in the Reserve includes 250 km of old cleared walking trails You can enjoy all levels of trails:

  1.  Short trails mainly in the Cedar Forests, Niha Fortress, and the surrounding villages (village cultural tour)
  2. Medium trails that connect the Cedar Forests with each other and link the different sides of the Reserve (north/south and west\east) such as the panoramic trail that connects Barouk and Maasser Cedar Forests as well as Ain Zhalta/Bmohray and Barouk Cedar Forests
  3. Long trails that link the villages with each other passing by the Cedar Forests and the rich natural and cultural heritage in the surrounding villages such as the sections 17,18 ,19, 20, 21 of the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT)and the Barouk River Valley Trail

All needed information about trails in the Reserve and eco-tourism services (accommodation, restaurant, picnic areas, etc) can be found on our Google Earth Package, Happy Hiking! For more details please download Our Google Earth Package

Handicap Trail

Every individual should have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificence of the Shouf Cedar Reserve regardless of his/her financial, mental and body ability. Now the reserve is accessible for everyone including the people with special needs (handicapped, blind, old, etc…). An appropriate trail had been made especially for the handicapped in the Barouk entrance characterized by:

  • Total length of the trail: 300m
  • Number of poles: 12 (along the trail) + 6 (rest point)
  • Maximum distance between each pole: 3m
  • Maximum slope: 8%
  • Markers to show the rest point, the informative point and the dangerous points.