Qab Elias

The most important monument in this town is the famous Ottoman castle which overlooks the Bekaa and was built to control the road that linked Beirut and the Shouf to the Bekaa valley.

In 1625, Emir Fakhreddin destroyed an older palace that stood there and constructed this castle. Another famous monument in Qab Elias is the Haidara which is an unfinished tomb dating from the early Roman period.

It is a vertical shaped relief carved into the cliff measuring 10 meters high and 13 meters wide. In the areas of Qab Elias are two minor archaeological sites: a relief from the 8th and 7th century BC, and a Roman relief located in the valley of Wadi el Delem. These two monuments are only accessible by foot.

One can also visit the memorial to the French soldiers who died in 1860, the Ras el Ain ( )راس العين area in the Wadi el Delem ( )وادي الدلم where visitors can hike and lunch in family restaurants and the public garden located in the southern part of the village

Distance from Beirut 40 Km
Altitude 950 meters


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