Anemone blanda Schott and Ky.
Mountain anemone
Anémone charmante

Distribution: Mediterranean
Region Habitat: Rocky mountains
Flowering time: March – May

Anemone coronaria phoenicea Ard.
Crown anemone
Anémone couronnée

Distribution: East Mediterranean
Region Habitat: Waste grounds and Mountains
Flowering time: January – April
Medicinal Plant

Berberis libanotica Ehrenb.
Lebanon barberry
Berbéris du Liban

Distribution: Lebanon and Syria
Habitat: Mountains, 1400 – 1600m above sea level
Flowering time: May – June
Medicinal Plant / Endemic species

Calycotome villosa (Vahl)
Link Hairy thorny-broom
Calycotome velu

Distribution: Spain, Portugal, North Africa, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine
Habitat: Woodlands
Flowering time: January – April

Cotoneaster nummularia Fisch. and Mey.
Nummular cotoneaster
Cotonéastre nummulaire

Distribution: North Africa, Turkey, North Iran, Turkestan, North India and Lebanon
Habitat: Rocky grounds in mountains
Flowering time: May – June

Centranthus longiflorus latifolus Boiss.
Long-flowered spur-valerian
Centranthe à longues fleurs

Distribution:East Mediterranean Region
Habitat: Rocks at high mountains
Flowering time: June – October

Daphne oleoides Schreb.
Olive-like daphne
Daphné faux olivier

Distribution:Mediterranean Region, West Asia
Habitat: Woodlands, over 1000m
Flowering time: April – September

Daucus carota L.
Wild carrot
Carotte sauvage

Distribution:Mediterranean Region
Habitat: Road sides, clear areas.
Flowering time: April – June

Echinops viscosus DC.
Viscous globe-thistle
Echinope visqueux

Distribution:Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Greece and Palestine
Habitat: Road sides
Flowering time: May – August

Dianthus libanotis Labill.
Mountain-spignel pink
Oeillet libanotis

Distribution: Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon
Habitat: Mountains and Sub-arid regions
Flowering time: July – September

Eremostachys laciniata (L.)
Bunge Cut leaved phlomis
Erémostachys laciniée

Distribution: Caucasus, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran and Afghanistan
Habitat: Slopes, deep soils
Flowering time: March – May
Medicinal Plant

Galium verum L.
Ladies bedstraw
Gaillet vrai

Distribution:Europe, North Africa, West Asia and North West India
Habitat: Woodlands and high Mountains
Flowering time: June – July Medicinal Plant

Glaucium leiocarpum Boiss.
Smoothed fruited horned-poppy
Glaucienne à fruits lisses

Distribution: Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran
Habitat: rocky grounds in mountains
Flowering time: April – August

Geranium libani P.H. Davis
Lebanon geranium
Géranium du Liban

Distribution: Turkey, Lebanon and Palestine
Habitat: Forest lands
Flowering time: March – June

Gundelia tournefortii L.
Tournefort’s gundelia
Gundélie de Tournefort

Distribution: Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Armenia and Cyprus
Habitat: Waste grounds and Mountains
Flowering time: April – May