Kefraya has a Romano-Byzantine grape mill located among the agricultural terraces outside the center of the village. Visiting the Dahr el Moghor hypogea (underground dwellings) from the Roman and Byzantine era near the Boustros palace is a must.

The five hypogea are dug into the rock of a small hill situated in the middle of the Kefraya vineyard. Kefraya also has an old mosque built in 1935 (the minaret was added in 1959) and a church built in 1960.

A visit to Chateau Kefraya is recommended as well as the Chateau of Michel de Boustros. Visitors can enjoy wine tasting, eat a meal, or shop at the show room.

Distance from Beirut 52 km
Altitude 950 meters

Chateau Kefraya Winery
Located in the Bekaa valley near the crossroads of the Qab Elias/Saghbine highway with the Kefraya/ Maasser el Shouf road, the Chateau Kefraya winery and restaurant is a must visit for travelers and wine lovers. Established in the 1950s Kefraya is ideally suited to growing the best wine grapes that give Chateau Kefraya’s wines authenticity and originality. The land is located at an altitude that ranges from 900 to 1100 meters above sea level and consists of a clay-chalk and stony soil that is exposed to 240 days of generous sunshine a year. Chateau Kefraya only produces wines with grapes grown in Kefraya and all the stages of the wine making process take place on site.