First Option

From Beirut take the coastal highway south for about 20 km to Damour. From there take the road to Beiteddine which passes through the village of Kfarhim. From Kfarhim you have the choice of taking the southern route through Baaqline (a right turn at the fountain) or the northern route through Deir El Qamar (continuing straight past the fountain). Both roads meet at Maasser Beiteddine.
From Maasser Beiteddine you can take a sharp left turn at the intersection to go the Barouk and Ain Zhalta/Bmohray entrances of the Reserve. If you keep going straight through the intersection you will pass through the villages of Beiteddine, Baqaata and Moukhtara. From Moukhtara take a sharp left at the Jumblatt palace to Botmeh and then on to Maasser el Shouf. From
the  coastal town of Damour it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to reach the Park House of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve in the village of Maasser el Shouf.
In case you want to go to the Niha Fort/Shqif Tyron keep going straight through Moukhtara to Amatour, and eventually to Niha.

Second Option

A second route to the Shouf Biosphere Reserve from Beirut is via the Damascus highway east to Aley (about 20 km). After Aley continue past the villages of Bhamdoun and Sowfar to Mdayrej where you make a right turn off the Damascus highway and head towards Ain Zhalta (14 km from Mdayrej). Then to the gate of Ain Zhalta-Bmohray. It takes approximately 30-35 minutes to reach the Shouf Biosphere Reserve from Aley.

Third Option

A third route to the Shouf Biosphere Reserve is from Kefraya in the Bekaa Valley. From the main Kefraya intersection take the road west over the mountains to the Maasser el Shouf cedar forest entrance (about 14 km from Kefraya).

From Maasser el Shouf you can take the road to Moukhtara and then to Niha Fort/Shqif Tayroun entrance (15 km from Moukhtara) or you can take the road that passes through the Dalboun oak forest to Barouk and on to the Barouk Cedar entrance.

How to get to Ammiq Wetland

To visit the Ammiq Wetland, the Eco Building, and Tawlet Ammiq (eco-restaurant) take the Beirut-Damascus highway to Chtaura. Turn right at intersection to Qab Elias and continue south following the Barouk mountain ridge to the Ammiq Wetland. Continue south and you will reach Ammiq village where a sign and right turn
lead you to the Eco building and to Tawlet Ammiq.

The distances from Beiteddine to the various Shouf Biosphere Reserve entrances are:
15 km to the Barouk cedar forest entrance
17 km to the Maasser el Shouf Park house
20 km to the Ain Zhalta – Bmohray cedar forest entrance
24 km to the Maasser el Shouf cedar forest entrance
25 km to the Niha Fort/Shqif Tayroun entrance.
Distances between Mdayrej & the Shouf Biosphere Reserve entrances:
17 km to the Ain Zhalta-Bmohray cedar forest entrance
22 km to the Barouk cedar forest entrance
35 km to the Maasser el Shouf cedar forest entrance
50 km to the Niha Fort/Shqif Tayroun entrance
Transport by bus
The easiet way to reach the reserve by public transportation from Beirut from Cola station where there are buses and mini-buses almost every hour starting from 9 AM to 5 PM.
All the buses reach Jdaideh/Baakaata where taxis can be hired to any of the entrances and villages. Some of the buses from Cola reach Barouk, and Niha as well as Khreibeh and Baadarane.