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MEET Mediterranean Experience of Eco Tourism

A project to develop an eco-tourism model for Mediterranean Protected Areas (PAs) based on the “European Charter for Sustainable Tourism” to promote a better seasonal distribution of tourism flows.
this strategic project involves 8 countries of the Mediterranean: Italy, France, Spain, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Greece and Tunisia.

Website: www.medecotourism.org

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HELAND Promoting Mediterranean Heritage Tourism

HELAND is a European framework project aiming to promote socio-economic sustainable development through innovative technological actions for Mediterranean tourism-heritage and landscapes protection clusters.
HELAND counts with the participation of organizations from Malta, Spain, Cyprus, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon

Website: www.helandproject.eu | Publication Brochure

Mediterranean Mosaics

The Med Mosaic team is a consortium of partners with a solid experience in landscape planning and management. The work in Italy is carried out by LIPU, and two local companies, COGECSTRE and ILEX. In Lebanon, Al Shouf Cedar Society works in partnership with the Association for Forests Development and Conservation. The project has secured the technical assistance of SYLVESTRIS, a Spanish consulting company, specializing in forests

Website: http://www.mediterraneanmosaics.org


Environmentally-sound and Socially-beneficial Forestation in the SBR

the project objectives is to set and consolidate good practices for socio-ecological and climate resilient forestation in Lebanon, through piloting forestation of critical ecosystems in SBR. And Empower institutional and grassroots actors in/around SBR to develop, restore, monitor and manage forest and woodland ecosystems.

Fact Sheet (English) | Fact Sheet (Arabic)


Shouf Biosphere Reserve Bio corridor with Byblos Bank

Reforestation of 15hectars on the Bio corridor connecting the Cedar forest of Barouk and Maasser Al Shouf to the oak forests over Ammiq managed by the Shouf Biosphere Reserve Committee under long-term agreements with local municipalities

Fact Sheet: Byblos fact sheet


Appui Aux Réserves Naturelles du Liban

Renforcer le réseau des réserves naturelles libanaises et les sites conservés par les initiatives communautaires a travers un soutien financier, technique et administratif pour l’application des plans de gestion

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Risk Prevention and Management Support to the Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve in Lebanon

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Restoration of income generation affected by the war to support conservation of Shouf Biosphere Reserve

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Bio-diversity Conservation through Eco-tourism in the MENA Region

Fact Sheet: Regional Local