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Trail length: 16 km Total uphill / downhill: 837 m/814 m Difficulty Level: moderate
This section of the LMT starts in Jezzine and follows a long foot path through a valley and then over the main range of mountains into the Bekaa valley ( )سهل البقاع. There are occasional forests along the way, as well as panoramic views toward Niha, Mount Hermon (جبل حرمون), and Lake Qaraoun (بحيرة القرعون). The trail also passes interesting geological formations, and an oak forest with some very old trees.
Getting there

To reach Jezzine ( )جزين , take the coastal highway southbound from Beirut to Saida ( )صيدا . In Saida, use the by-pass road to avoid the congested downtown area, and follow the signpost(s) for a left turn to Jezzine after the third traffic circle. The road passes through the villages of Abra ( )عبرا , Kfar Falous ( )كفرفالوس and Rom ( )روم as you climb to Jezzine. To reach Aitanit ( )عيتنيت , take the Damascus highway into the Beqa valley ( )سهل البقاع . At Chtaura ( )شتورة , turn right to Aitanit, passing Kefraya ( )كفريا , and Saghbine ( )صغبين . All roads are paved and public transportation is available to both places. Estimated distances: Beirut to Jezzine: 71 km; Beirut to Aitanit: 79 km. Lodging Chafik Merchad Guesthouse (Niha): Iris Flower Hotel (Jezzine): Tel: +961 70 449305 Rizk Plaza Motel (Jezzine): Tel: +961 7 781066 La maison de la forêt (Bkessine): Tel: +961 3 911984 Faysal el Halabi (Aana ): Tel: +961 8 566578 – +961 3 330413
Local Guides Selim Karam (Jezzine) Tel: +961 3 364987 Habib El Helou (Jezzine Tel: +961 3 720774 Chafik Merchad (Niha): Tel: +961 5 330755, +961 76 703168

February 27, 2017

Barouk River Valley Trail

Barouk River Valley Trail (Barouk – Batloun – Moukhtara – Amatour – Haret Jandal – Bater)
The trail begins at the Church of Our Lady in Moukhtara, passes through the Mamluk bridge of Birket el Aarouss, descends and crosses the Barouk river over the Baddeh Bridge to the western slope of the river valley. The trail continues south on a footpath recently renovated along the Barouk river on the left of which is the Baddeh water  mill. It then proceeds to the Bou Matar bridge and watermill and up the eastern slopes below the village of Ain Qani. The trail then passes over an aqueduct belonging to an old water mill before arriving to the bridge of Sheikh Houssein. Below the village of Amatour the trail points south towards the village of Haret Jandal and crosses the Salman river before reaching the bottom of the Barouk valley. It then runs along the Barouk river, crosses over a small stone bridge at the Ain el Zaïtoun stream, and ends in Marj Bisri, as well as the trail can start in Barouk or Maasser el Shouf.

February 27, 2017

Wetland Trail (Ammiq)

Trail length: 2 km Total uphill / downhill: 300m/300m Difficulty Level: Moderate

The Ammiq wetland that is owned and managed by Skaff Estate, covers 100 hectares of land and is the last significant wetland in Lebanon – the remnant of extensive marshes and lakes that once covered parts of the Beqaa Valley. This natural spot remains an important staging and wintering area for migratory water birds between Europe and Africa.