Ain Zebde

The main source of water in Ain Zebde is a natural spring surrounded by old walnut trees whose water is used for irrigation. The water mill of Nahr el Chawaghir dates back to the Ottoman period and was powered by the flow of water from Nahr el Chawaghir.

The cave of Nahr el Chawaghir is characterized by its mini stalactites formed over the ages. Wadi el Mghara is a natural cave enlarged by humans and located on the main road linking Ain Zebde to Saghbine. You can still see the remains of an ancient wall that blocked its entrance and was probably used to shelter shepherds and travelers.

The Jirjis Shaul house is an old residence dating from the late 19th century located in the village center. Its charm lies in its simple and functional architecture as well as its surrounding vegetation.

Distance from Beirut 72 km
Altitude 1,090 meter


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