Ain Qani

Ain Qani is on the Barouk River Valley Trail and famous for the Birket el Aarous site where there is a water mill dating from the 16th century and a bridge built in 1507 during the late Mamluk era – both on the Nabeh Mershed River.

One can also enjoy the architecture of the 18th and 19th century houses of the Joumblatt and Zeineldine families in the center of the village. Hikers will enjoy the ancient trail linking Moukhtara to Ain Qani through the Birket el Aarous bridge.

Distance from Beirut 55 km
Altitude 830 meters

Birket El Arouss Bridge

The bridge was built at the end of the Mamluk period in 913 AH (1507 AD) and is part of a complex network of bridges and trails built in the valley of Barouk. It serves as an important link on the road that runs through the Barouk valley to Marj Bisri and the valley of Nahr el Awali that ends on the Mediterranean coast near Sidon.

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