Tourism Packages

The link between tourism and protected areas is becoming more important as tourism activities are relying more on natural heritage combined with cultural heritage. At the same time protected areas are also becoming more interested in the role of tourism in supporting conservation initiatives. Ecotourism is a field that is very dependent on effective and efficient planning.
Tourism in and around protected areas must become a tool for conservation that contributes to the quality of life and economic opportunities of local communities.

Tourism packages help to fulfill these goals by introducing the visitor to the uniqueness of the attractions, and at the same time benefit the local communities directly.

All the discovery packages proposed in our Eco-tourism Strategy are composed of 2 days 1 night, with a large choice of activities and destinations. They are designed to encourage ‘slow travel’ allowing the visitor to have a more authentic experience and a better understanding of the natural and cultural heritage of the area. They are composed of 1 day hiking in the Biosphere reserve + 1 overnight in the guesthouse + 1 cultural tour at the villages. Most of these packages are for the summer season (mid April – mid October), but a good number of them are feasible in winter, whether or not they are combined with snow activities.

What can you do in the reserve?

-Hiking: more than 230km of hiking trails in the mountain or next to the river
-Biking: 20 bicycles are available in the villages surrounding the reserve
-Donkey riding: 4 Donkeys are available
-Snowshoeing: 19 snowshoes are available
-Villages cultural tour
-Villages local festivals
-Taste the traditional food