Distance from Beirut: 38km
Altitude: 950-1220

The town’s name can be traced back to the Semitic language, meaning “the creepy eye.” Ain Zhalta is situated on a southern hill of Wadi Al-Safa. Among the springs in and around the town are: Al-Safa Spring; Al-qa’ah Spring, from where water was drawn to Beiteddine palace during the rule of Emir Bachir; Al-Re’ayan Spring, where a huge pumping station distributes potable water to Aley, Bhamdoun and other neighboring areas; and ain Al-Hilaf, recorded in history as the site where Emir Bachir held meetings with his adversaries to make peace and become allies.

In the town are the remains of a citadel that was built during Maani rule and later was transformed into a Protestant Church. There is an area called “The Jews’ Cemetery” and nearby a small, completely ruined village known as Kafra